– Shooters Alamanac – July 2018 – Shooters Alamanac – July 2018

Gun Websites Newsletter #42
(the Smeggie Edition)
June & July 2018

  • New Puppy
  • Firearm Inventors – Playing Card Deck Campaign
  • The Fall 2018
    Gun Show Loophole Tour
  • Gun Streamer
  • 2A History Project
  • Our NEW Newsletter – Next Month

New puppy is named Marshmellow
 Mellow for short

She is a year old-ish
She comes from a Tucson family
(that left their back yard gate unlocked)

She seems to be happy here, and driving around in the Van !!
She’s been chopped, and has healed up, and is now also  chipped & licensed.. and ready to explore

She has visited a few friends, met new dogs and many cats, and is friendly to all and happy to meet new people

Looking forward to adventures with the new pup

Already designed a few patches and sticker ideas !!

Gun Show Loophole Tour
Fall 2018

  • 5,000 Miles
  • 48 days
  • 14 States
We have started planning the Fall Tour
to the Gun Right Policy Confrence
in Chicago this September

Stops on the tour include:

  • New Mexico Gun Show
  • Dragon Man Museum
  • Rock island Arsenal
  • Illinois Bullpup Shoot 
  • Chicago Art / Gun Museum
  • 33rd Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC 2018)
  • North Dakota Gun Show
  • Laramie Gun Museum
  • Cody Firearms Museum
  • Dug Up Gun Museum
  • Wyoming Gun Show
  • Browning Museum
  • Las Vegas Gun Shops
  • Los Angelas Gun Shops
  • Big Sandy Machine Gun Shoot
The Van is running well !!
It needs a few parts for the front wheel, but those are in hand, just waiting for an oppertunity to swap them out

Firearm Inventors – Playing Card Deck Campaign
We are publishing a new deck of cards, and thanks to 129 project backers, we raised $5,156 and we are having the decks printed in Texas, USA !!
The art is done, and the sample decks are being printed for review. 
The project is on track for October delivery

You can check out the cards here
And please help us edit the cards before final printing.
Please give us some feedback on any errors, ommisions or changes

Thank You

Gun Websites Update:

  • The Gun Websites You Tube Channel received a 4th strike, this time for a Shotgun review video we posted 4 years ago
    We are banned from LIVE shows until early Sept 
  • 600th Episode of the Daily Gun Show
    Bob & many hosts showed up, we looked back and thought about whats next. Join us for 600 more shows !!
    All 611 episods are on iTunes, pleaseleave our show a comment and a rating! iTunes uses those ratings to determine who to recomend to listeners there
  • Hosting Early Watch – I hosted the Early show with Tony for a few weeks. Now NightStryke has helped out with Morning Stryke
    Jimmy is working to get back into his Hosting Spot for the Early Watch Show, so we wil keep his seat warm, as often as possible
  • Minuteman University project is doing well, More videos on the Schedule as we build the website
    Cartoons and 2A History Presentations are in the works as we have time to create them

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We have been posting our You Tube videos
on the new hosting platform Gun Streamer

Check it out, look through our playlists,
and let us know what to move over next !

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Gun Channels Trading Cards
3rd Collectors Run,

These went out to a few people who jumped on them when the 3rd edition was printed
Just 5 Decks of 60 cards were for sale
Thank You Gun Channels members

Remaining cards are being shipped out, while supplies last, with orders from Store

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Firearm Podcast

We made some custom logo patches for Patriot in the Dark & MidnightRangeTM both from
They did a cool week long “Guess the Blind Shooter” project
We sent out these prize packs to the winners

Buy Stuff on Gear !!

This month we are clearing out inventory to raise funds
for the Gun Rights Policy Confrence 2018 road trip

New stickers from Owl & Anchor 
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