Every 2nd Matters

Every 2nd Matters
A community resource for Second Amendment Advocates
Our goal is to give activists a platform to network and provide assistance to Gun Owners Rights Organizations 


Every2ndMatters.com is a campaign that promotes the importance of the Second Amendment. The campaign includes resources and information on gun safety, legal issues, and news related to the Second Amendment. The campaign also promotes events and rallies to raise awareness and support for the Second Amendment.

  • Communicate
    Network with Gun Owners, Sportsmen & Pro-2A Activists
  • Engage
    Follow, Share & Interact with Gun-Owners Rights Groups
  • Act
    Learn & Prepare for the next challenge to our 2A Rights

Promoting 2nd Amendment Awareness
Communicate with 2A Groups, Keep up to date on upcoming firearms events, see what’s being shared & more

the FIRST “Every 2nd Matters” discussion, when it was created, Original GunChannels Crew

First REAL Every 2nd Matters Discussion
October 8, 2013







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