Every 2nd Matters
A community resource for Second Amendment Advocates
Our goal is to give activists a platform to network and provide assistance to Gun Owners Rights Organizations 

Gun Channels
the home of Pro-Firearms Social Media
Photos, Q&A, Videos, Podcasts, LIVE Chats & more
Created in November 2013, now with over 5,000 Members
We provide a Gun Friendly Community for Firearms Enthusiasts, Shooters of all sorts and others involved in the firearms community

Gear Websites Store
Our store features unique, custom made products & patches of our designs. Many of our products are created by our crew here in Tucson, Arizona

Gear Websites is your source for:

  • Firearms Playing Cards
  • Cool Patches
  • Logo Stickers
  • Every 2nd Matters Gear
  • Gun Channels Gear
  • Glocktober, Ammo I.D. & More

Website Network
Our network includes over a hundred outdoor, Gear & Gun related websites

AK47 Buyers Guide

A collaborative resource for all things Kalashnikov

Crowdfunding Projects
We have run 20+ Successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo

Most have been successful, and we look forward to many more new products & adventures in the future

Over the years we have driven many miles through the U.S.A.

Our Goal
– We travel across the United States, sharing the firearms owners experience

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