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We attend as many gun shows as we can. From local Tucson, AZ gun shows (where we are based) to regional shows like the SAR show and the largest show each year the ‘SHOT Show’. We cover these shows with reviews and photos. We also host as many shows as we can in our gun show calendar to help you find and plan to attend a show near you.


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This is the team that builds these websites, uses and tests the gear. We take the pictures, videos and write the reviews too.
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Firearms Training

Our team of editors attend multiple firearms training events each year. We also review as many classes as we can to help the CCW holder and the shooting community experience the training that is available. From CCW classes to multi-day shooting classes, we post reviews and after action reports for each class we attend or audit.


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number of times a gun is used to deter a crime

 i got an off topic (kinda) topic for a future show…
that number of times a gun is used to deter a crime
.. ok
.. how many of those times are the same people???
repeat incidents.. potentially fewer people at risk, needed ing to defend themselves more often
.. when I hear the numbers often given (Big numbers).. it usually makes me think many peoplke all over the country
but just like crime, I bet it could be a few people, and often

spare tires are for the paranoid..

spare tires are for the paranoid..
- few cars get flat tires
- trunk space ‘wasted’ by spare tires could be used for positive things
- carrying around an un-needed spare wastes gas
- anyone can call a tow truck to solve a flat tire
- if you cant deal with a tow truck bill, there are public buses
- spare tires waste resources (rubber) becauase those tires are rarely if ever used
- roads are getting better every day
- it is dangerous to change your own tire on the side of the road