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  • To Promote our Second Amendment 
  • To create Pro-2A Content (a LOT of it)
  • We will Encourage & Enhance Other Creators 2A Efforts

Our Projects

Gun Channels

Firearms Friendly Community
the home of Pro-Firearms Social Media

Started in 2013, Gun Channels is a member driven, online community, focused on firearms.
2A Content Creators Meet, Learn and Collaborate with others creating firearms focused PhotosQ&AVideosPodcastsLIVE Conversation & more

Join the Daily Conversation about Guns
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Every 2nd Matters
An awaeness campaign started in late 2013 as a reult of the apathy after the initial resistance to Obama’s “23 Executive Actions”

We get together on the 2nd of each month, to talk about our 2nd Amendment, what we did to promote awareness, and what battles are to come

  • Awareness
    Learn & Prepare for the next challenge to our 2A Rights
  • Communication
    Network with Gun Owners, Sportsmen & Pro-2A Activists
  • Engagemet
    Follow, Share & Interact with Gun-Owners Rights Groups

Promoting 2nd Amendment Awareness
Amplify the message of 2A Groups, Keep up to date on upcoming firearms events, see what’s being shared & more

Daily Gun Show

Daily Conversation about Guns
Chat about Guns with Us,
Every Weeknight, Since early 2016
Join us at Midnight EST (9pm PST) 

We talk about guns every day. 2nd Amendment issues (without the politics), we host a panel disscussion about 2A & Firearms topics that are not driven by the ‘firearms news of the day’.

700+ Shows in over 2 years of daily gun chat
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Gear Websites

Our Online Store
We make cool stuff to help support our projects. Grab some Gear Websites stuff and keep us online & on the road
Your source for:

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Gun Website Network

A growing collection of the best gun and shooting related websites 
Gun Websites.com provides information on our network of gun websites.
We publish websites on various guns, shooting and weapon types.
Use our websites as a hub to explore the firearms topics that interest you.

AK47 Buyers Guide

The Kalashnikov Buyers Guide is a long time passion of our editors. We have each built many Kalashnikov rifles and collected many artifacts over the years. Our library is one of the most complete in the U.S.A.

We feature our research, access to our collections and information and links to fellow collectors of Kalashnikov rifles and accessories

Crowdfunding 2A Projects

Over a dozen successful, Firearms related, Crowd Funding Campaigns
And we have raised funds at various levels of success for over 35 projects 

Our 2A Tours of the USA

Each year we tour the U.S.A. to explore Local Gun Shops, Gun Shows on Weekends and Firearms Museums from Large to Small and everything in between

2018 Tour

  • 12,000+ miles
  • 17 States
  • 57 Gun Shops visited

2017 Tour

  • 11,000+ miles
  • 18 States
  • 61 Gun Shops visited

The Gun Show Loophole Tour

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