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20160820_012221-01We are traveling the country this year. Exploring interesting Gun Shops, attending & setting up at Gun Shows in multiple states and touring firearms museums and collections of all types.    .. more info, click here

Gun provides information on our network of gun websites.GunWebsitesWe offer websites on various guns, shooting and firearm types.

Use this website as a hub to explore the firearm subjects which interest you.

We cover Firearm subjects such as; Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Ammunition, Concealed Carry (CCW), Firearms Training, Shooting Events, AK47, AR15, M16, AR180, Short Rifles (SBR), Short Shotguns (SBS), Exotic Firearms, Full Auto, Hunting Rifles ,Tactical Training, Lefthaded Firearms, Polymer Guns, Gun Movies, Gun Shows, Gun Stores, Gun Reviews and of course Green Guns


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sPodcast-001n   sGunChat-Podcast-005-AK47guruWe post two weekly podcasts and host a bunch more for other podcasters
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Shooting Events

Shooting Events

We keep our calendars
full with shooting events, firearms training, CCW classesGun Shows and lots more gun related

Gun Shows

Gun Shows
We attend as many gun shows as we can. From local Tucson, AZ gun shows (where we are based) to regional shows like the SAR show and the largest show each year the ‘SHOT Show’. We cover these shows with reviews and photos. We also host as many shows as we can in our gun show calendar to help you find and plan to attend a show near you.


Our Shooting Team

Meet our team of editors, moderators and reviewers.
This is the team that builds these websites, uses and tests the gear. We take the pictures, videos and write the reviews too.
Gun Websites Shooting Team


Firearms Training

Firearms Training
Our team of editors attend multiple firearms training events each year. We also review as many classes as we can to help the CCW holder and the shooting community experience the training that is available. From CCW classes to multi-day shooting classes, we post reviews and after action reports for each class we attend or audit.


Our Firearm Website Network

We have built dozens of gun related websites. Topics range from specific makes and models of guns, to CCW and training, gear reviews and lots more


Other Firearm Websites

We archive a growing list of links to other gun related websites including; gun rights organizations, manufacturers, government agencies, clubs, chats and  a lot more


Gun, Ammo
& Gear Reviews

We review Guns, Gear, Ammo and Accessories.

Our reviews are full of high quality photographs and honest reactions to our testing. Our dozens of editors have posted hundreds of reviews on all kinds of shooting gear.

We built a Social Media Network for Gun Owners
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