About Us

The Gun Websites network is run by real people here in Arizona.

Our MottoThose Who Adapt, Control the Future

Since 2004

We are not some faceless company overseas. We build webpages and we collect & shoot guns. We know about both, thus the gun websites. We post podcasts, articles, photos, videos & more

We enjoy the many social networks that have developed over the years, and we participate in many of the most interesting of them


We continue to build websites that offer interactive useful information for visitors.
We do that with your help, you the visitor. Thank You

Our Logo
We designed our logos years ago to represent the team that creates the websites and content we post online

We don’t put our logo on many products.
We will never put our logo on items we wouldn’t wear or use
You will not see our logo on the U.S. Flag or memorials to the fallen.

Our Team

About the Gun Websites Editors

Our team has managed our company and our websites over the last ten years
Check out our Gun Websites History

We are ready to help out and answer questions.
Our combined experience brings a full spectrum of knowledge

Gun Channels

Early Watch & Outdoor Chat

Retired Crew

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