Gun Websites Newsletter, Aug 2017

Gun Websites Newsletter, Aug 2017

Gun Websites Newsletter #36
August 2017

Bought a new van !!!
After missing the Oro Valley CSI Van, I headed to Phoenix and found a great ex-Post Office van. 

A Chevy 3500 (1 ton) extended wheelbase
It’s not the longest van on the road, but longer than a standard van, so plenty of room inside

It was empty, low milage and in good shape, so it was fairly easy to add insulation, a floor and the alternate battery, fan, lights and other modifications from the old van

Follow the van updates on the Gear Websites You Tube channel, and 

Old West Playing Card Decks
are about to go to print
The cards are being made in Texas, U.S.A. !!

Thanks again to all who participated in making these possible

Thanks to everyone that helps us keep jobs here !! 

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Gunshow Loophole Tour 2017
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2017 Gun Show Loophole Tour

The dog into the new van, and headed to New Mexico to check out some new Filming Locations from the movie Red Dawn on the 33rd anniversary of its release 

We stopped by to see our friends at BMC Tactical in Albuquerque, NM 

Their store is looking great with the new design.
They still have more patches in the store than any other shop I’ve visited !!

Thanks BMC Tactical for the info on New Mexico gun shows. Looks like we will be setting up at one SOON 

And thanks much for the help with the van! And helping to figure out how to read it’s dip stick

More pics to come from BMC …and we traded patches !!!

Talked about it on the Daily Gun Show

Tucson Guns was our fist stop on the 2017 Gun Show Loophole Tour

in their 14th year, they remain one of our favorite gun shops. Check them out at AZ gun shows, and online

Their Newsletter is worth subscribing to also !!

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